How to choose best hair color for your skin tone

How to choose best hair color for your skin tone

If you are having a hard time to determine the hair color you should choose, our guide will help you to understand your skin and flecks around your eyes and compliment them with a correct hair color.

Cool Skin or Warm Skin?

Start by determining what kind of skin you have. Examine your wrist, veins, and eyes. If you see green veins that indicates you have warm undertones. If you see purple or blue veins that means you have cooler skin. And if you see both then you have a neutral undertone.

After determining your skin, you should look for the flecks around your eyes. If it is golden or hazel that indicates it's more fit for a warm undertone, while blue and gray indicates cool undertones. If you have both then you have a neutral tone.

Choosing the Hair Color to Complement You!

There is a basic procedure here if you determined your skin and flecks. Cool hair color will complement a cool skin tone while warm hair colors compliment warm skin tones. If you are lucky to have a neutral color then you can use both colors. The same thing goes for your makeup. You can select the makeup tones from your skin undertones.