How to Choose Right Outfits for You?

How to Choose Right Outfits for You?

First of all, you need to decide how you would like to look and what to emphasize. You can use colors and clothes to look bigger, smaller, take more attention or less noticeably.

  • Patterns can change how you are perceived. For example, using vertical lines will usually create an illusion and helps you look thin. Bright colored patterns can help you draw an eye on yourself. So you should select a pattern for the event.
  • Waist Styles can change your body look. For example, Low-Waisted paints can make your body look curvier, while empire waists can help you to emphasize your bust.
  • Structured tailoring can be used to change your body look. A well-tailored dress can show you body lines while mass-produced clothes can make your upper body look bulkier. As Vesper, we focus on making tailored outfits for you. Our aim is to emphasize the fact that every woman is a goddess.


Know your measurements

Here are the measurements you need to know if you would like to buy tailored outfits. You can also check our size chart.

  • Circumference of your head for hat sizing.
  • Upper arm for sleeves.
  • Neck, which is more important in men's clothing.
  • Widest or fullest part of your chest or bust.
  • Natural waistline.
  • Hips for women's clothing.
  • Inseam, which is the distance from your groin to the bottom of your ankle.


Make sure your Clothing Fits

You should always buy clothes that you can easily move with. If you are planning to lose weight, don't buy new clothes assuming your body measurements. Buy things that you currently fit.


Check How Clothing Looks from Behind

This is a crucial step. Most people skip this but actually, a dress could be a perfect fit on the front but it could be terrible from behind.


Don't Always Follow Fashion Trends

You may want to keep in mind that fashion trends don't always mean it looks good. Make sure that your body type is fit for that trend. Don't forget that each fashion trend is unique and is not for every body type.


Vesper always tries to provide clothes that are fit for your body type. That's why all of our clothes are tailored and can be bought in different sizes.