How to Properly Sew A Button Back on Your Clothes

How to Properly Sew A Button Back on Your Clothes

If you are trapped inside the home during the pandemic, you probably have some extra time in your hands and probably dig through your closet. If you find some clothes miss a button, this guide will help you to sew them back. Believe it or not this could be a fun process.

How to Sew a Button Back

First, find a replacement for your button. Generally, you can find an extra button inside of your shirt, if you cant find it make sure you replace the button with a similar one. If you can't find a matching button you can go for a unique style with a different button. This process is the same for the thread.

Secondly, make sure that you find the spot that the button is stitched. Then, take your thread and connect it to your needle. Thread it through the button and center the button properly as to where it should lie before taking your needle through the other hole and back down through the fabric to the other side. Repeat this process until you secure the button.

At last, make sure that the last exit is on the backside of the garment. Take up a couple of threads from the fabric with your needle, and before you pull your needle all the way through, wrap your thread around the needle a few times (at least 3). Continue pulling the needle through and you should have a knot!

If you have done this correctly the button will be back in its place. If you think you made a fault just cut the thread on the bottom of the button and start over again.