Benefits of Slow Fashion in 2022

Benefits of Slow Fashion in 2022

A new year is approaching and as always we need to think about what we can do better. Here at Vesper, we believe in slow fashion culture and base our future on this business model. You can support slow fashion brands to make a good start to 2022. Let's take a look at what slow fashion has brought to our lives.

You Create Less Fashion Waste

One of the biggest gains of slow fashion is to reduce unnecessary fabric processing and production. Some brands, such as Vesper, expand this situation further and include fabric types considered as fabric waste into their production processes.

You’ll be saving water

According to the report published by Fashion Revolution, approximately 2720 liters of water are used to create one t-shirt. This amount of water may not mean anything to you numerically, but in fact, this is the amount of water you drink for 3 years. The same report also added that 757 liters of water are used for one denim. The message given to us here is clear, the world's water use is limited and if it continues to grow in fast fashion our water resources will be endangered, so slow fashion must enter our lives quickly.

You’ll lower your carbon footprint
One of the biggest problems globally is the carbon footprint created by fashion. The shoe industry by itself accounts for 8% of the world's carbon emissions. If that 8% doesn't sound terrible to you, let's put it this way, 3990 million metric tons of carbon emissions...

You’ll focus on quality over quantity
As a direct result of the above slow fashion benefit, rejecting the notion of fast fashion will lead you to focus far more on quality over quantity. Let’s face it, it’s much better to have a few high-quality pieces than a wardrobe full of poor-quality clothing that will end up getting thrown away anyway. For example, Vesper uses Italian tailors and creates each of its clothes from high-quality fabric and workmanship.

You’ll be part of a growing movement
The slow fashion trend is rising rapidly in the world. Your contribution to this process is a big step for us to create a more sensitive and cleaner world.