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Vesper Fabrics are designed and chosen to accompany you during your me-time and make the healing starts with you and your skin.

Vesper silk accessories are made of pure italian silk.


Silk is one of the most luxurious fabrics, known as ‘the queen of fabrics’ has many benefits apart from its luxurious softness. As an Italian brand, we cannot use anything less than Italian silk produced in Como with perfection and craftsmanship.

Here is why:

- Anti Aging & Moisturizing effect:

Hydration is very essential for your hair and skin. No hydration will result in dryness and dullness. Instead, silk by its nature does not absorb any moisture, your hair and skin will remain hydrated. Also with nonabsorbing nature, all your night beauty rituals will continue remaining on your face instead of wasting on the bedsheets.

Silk with regular usage can prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, eliminate the dark circles around the eyes.

- Improve your sleep quality

Perfect restful sleep comes from a perfect dark calm environment. The easiest way to create the ambiance that you need is to wear your silk eye mask and unplug yourself from the environment.

Even with light colors, it will create perfect light protection with its multi-layered structure.

- Hair Beauty

Silk is the secret to magnificent hair. Sleeping on smooth, frictionless silk can protect your hair tips against breakages and split ends.

If you do not like sleeping free-hair, tie it with silk scrunchies. When you wake up, you will not have tangled knots or frizzy bed heads.

Say hi to no bad hair days!

- Hypoallergenic

Natural materials have all hypoallergenic features. Silk has even a plus, the sericin residue in silk is a natural repellent that keeps dust mites, bacterias, and other common allergens away.

It is an ideal choice for people who have particularly sensitive skin ( including allergic skin problems such as dermatitis, eczema) or some allergies and asthma.

- Vesper Italian Silk

Como is the heart of Italian silk manufacture, carries out 80% of the European silk production with perfection and craftsmanship. Vesper silk sleep accessories are produced by Italian tailors from the best quality Italian silk fabrics.

- Perfect Gift

Vesper silk accessories with their luxurious touch are one of the best gift options for your loved ones. They all have universal sizes so you will not have any worry about the fit.

Vesper sleep accessories are designed to accompany your sleep rituals so the last thing that your loved ones get physically contacted is the perfect luxurious silk gift that makes them always remember you.

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Veper pajamas are made of pure organic cotton. Cotton makes your skin breath while sleeping and regulates the optimum sleeping temperature.


Cotton has been around for thousand years, the world’s one of the oldest proven fibers. So does its benefits; soft but durable, light weighted but temperature oriented above all breathable.

The first thing that comes to our mind when we say pajamas is “the garment that we wear while sleeping”. That idea changed a very long time ago: today pajamas are like our second skin. We wear them almost every day on every occasion; while working from home, during video calls or simply chilling on our couch watching TV.

The garment that is always with you has to allow your skin breath, should not irritate it instead hug you with its soft and gentle texture. Thinking all these features, there is no better alternative than 100% cotton, and here is why:

- Breathable

Cotton lets your skin breathe, keeps your body at a perfect temperature so no more sweaty nights. It absorbs moisture and keeps your body cool, so you won’t get overheated in the middle of the night and eventually disturbed while sleeping.

- Optimal Temperature

Cotton fibers trap the air between its pours and create a magical structure of isolation. Meaning cotton fabrics will give your body the perfect sleeping temperature that you need to have in order to drift between dreams without any disturbance.

- Soft and Lightweight

Cotton by its nature is soft and light weighted so you won’t even feel its presence even though it will provide you the perfect temperature that you need.

There is no better feeling after coming home peeling off your clothes and sliding into your pajamas. The perfect way to relax and start your home-ritual.

- Hypoallergenic

Cotton is hypoallergenic by nature, Vesper pajamas are 100% cotton so it will not irritate your skin

- Sustainable

Cotton is a natural fiber; renewable and biodegradable making it an excellent choice of environmental friendly fibers throughout its entire product cycle.

We know how much water needed for the cotton production and after painting processes. For that reason, we follow dead stock approach of ours to give a second chance to unused already produced fabrics.

- Perfect Gift

Vesper pajamas have a very large and comfortable scale size range so you can gift them to your loved ones without worrying about the fit. Cotton which is known for its durability makes your gift long-lasting for the receiver.

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