Choose the right Nail Polish Color That Matches Your Skin

Choose the right Nail Polish Color That Matches Your Skin

This guide will help you to select the best nail polish color that complements your skin tone. You might have seen shades that trend seasonally but think again, not all colors that are “on trend” will match your complexion.

How to Select Shades for Different Types of Skin

Pale or Light Skin Tones:

Light or Pale skin complexions needs a color that enriches the skin. This skin tone is generally referred to as a cool skin tone and colors like pink or blue pastels go really well. Sadly, dark color shades open up a possibility to create an unwanted contrast. For this type of skin tone pastel colors or going nude is a perfect choice

Fair Skin Tones:

If you have fair skin, you are lucky. This skin color offers various shade selections. Just stay away from bright red, orange-red, or yellow-based shades and you are fine! If you want a sophisticated color you should avoid green and orange-based shades.

Tanned Skin Tones:

After a good tan, it is best to apply a bright color. If you apply a bright color it will enhance your complexion rather than using a neutral shade similar to your skin. Generally, well-tanned skin goes well with yellow-based shades but make sure that yellow doesn't go into a golden color.

Medium or Olive Skin Tones:

If you have a medium or olive complexion the best match is gold or peach. These shades are warm and have a yellow undertone, also metallic shades of silver and blue go really well with this skin type. Just make sure that you avoid red, dark purple, or navy blue shade.

Dark Skin Tones:

If you have dark skin, you can use deep shades. Mocha, maroons, dark red, or dark green are great choices. You can also go with a soft color of your skin like chocolate brown. Just avoid bright shades that are opposite to your complexion.