General Type of Fabrics

General Type of Fabrics

Fabric is a material made by entwining fibers together. The first fabric was used to wrap the dead. The origin is thought to be started in Egypt and originated from basket weaving. Fabrics are named after the fibers used in this process. This process can also be done with different kinds of fibers.


Natural vs Synthetic

Fibers used in the process can be made from organic materials or from synthetic ones. Natural fibers are obtained from animals and plants while synthetic ones are created by humans. In general Natural fabrics are better for the environment.


Natural Fabric Examples: Cotton, wool, linen, and silk.

Synthetic Fabric Example: Polyester, acrylic, nylon, rayon, acetate, spandex, latex, and Kevlar.


Woven vs Knit

The second distinctive description is defined by the production process. Woven fabrics are made by two pieces of yarn interwave horizontally and vertically on a loom. Since yarn can only stretch 45-degrees, this fabric is not good at stretching. Knit fabrics on the other hand are highly stretchable. 


Woven Fabric Example: Broadcloth, denim, drill, poplin, cotton sateen, flannelette, lawn, corduroy.

Knit Fabric Example: Button up shirts, trousers, jeans, denim jackets


As Vesper, we design our clothes based on this information. Our fabrics are carefully selected by our team to make sure that they fit the occasion. We also create our cloths to be comfortable, fashionable and elegant.