How to choose the right perfume?

How to choose the right perfume?

This guide will help you to select the right perfume for you.

Choose Your Notes

Parfume Notes
Each perfume has different notes. Some are wood notes, fresh notes, floral notes, and oriental notes. These notes have different smells. Some perfumes, could be considered floral and contain different scent notes like rose, gardenia, or geranium. Others may be a bit fruitier, with undertones of citrus or apple. Exotic perfumes contain spicy notes like star anise or even cinnamon. Select which one you want to pick is based on your personality and look. For a high-fashion party, exotic perfumes are a go while in summer parties floral notes are better. You should just smell, then think of a dress. If you can manage to connect the smell to a dress, then think that if you like that dress or not. If you like it go for the perfume, if not try various different smells.

Choose a Concentration

Perfumes or Fragrances come in four different levels of concentration. If the concentration is high, the price is also high. This is due to its power and longevity. The higher concentration has a higher span of smell while low concentrations need to be refreshed per 2-3 hours.

Test the Fragrance

When you go in to buy a perfume ask for a smelling paper. Put the fragrance on top of it and forget it for 2 hours. Then smell it. If this still hits you that means that the formula is good. If it also smells good you can go and try it on your skin. Don't forget that each perfume has different smells on skin.