How to Iron Silk in 4 Simple Steps 2022

How to Iron Silk in 4 Simple Steps 2022

Silk is an unrivaled luxury fabric. It can be used in undergarments, dresses, or anything else. That's why it is generally the most loved fabric. The only problem with silk is that it is a high-maintenance fabric and it is essential to iron it correctly.

Prep the Fabric

First, the help silk retains its texture and integrity to make sure it is damp. You can use a spray bottle or consider ironing after the garment is hand-washed. Make sure to turn the garment inside out while ironing.

Focus on Steam

Generally, the temperature is the key to ironing but if it's about silk make sure that you use steam. Use the lowest heat or check your iron because generally, new machines have a setting for silk. lay the garment flat on the ironing board, place the press cloth on top, and then iron. You can also use a handkerchief, pillowcase, or hand towel instead of a press cloth.

Pressing vs. Ironing

When people think about ironing we all think about going back and forth on the cloth but if it is silk it is not true. You focus on the areas that are wrinkled. Use a cloth to press it, then before it becomes too hot remove the iron. Then give a second or two to make sure silk is back to a decent temperature. Keep in mind that pressing silk does not mean leaving the iron in place for a long period of time. Minimizing the length of time the iron is in contact with the fabric will prevent the silk from burning.

Avoid Further Wrinkling

The most important aspect of ironing silk is to prevent wrinkles before they happen. To do this make sure that you use each section of the fabric in a perfectly flat condition. This will help you to protect your clothing before any more wrinkles appear. Furthermore, don't remove the garment before its cooled.