How to realize our own beauty and improve our self-confidance

How to realize our own beauty and improve our self-confidance

As human beings, our self-confidence changes day by day. Especially today, the perception created by the "perfect" woman concept has a psychological effect on all of us as women.

Self-confidence is basically a feeling we see ourselves in. Many of us, even involuntarily, compare ourselves to others and like their features. But we find it difficult to do the same for ourselves.

In many studies, it has been observed that when people ask them to draw themselves, they draw themselves "uglier" than they are. In fact, this is due to our harsher criticism of ourselves. When we reverse the same situation, it turns out that we draw other people better than they are.

Every person in the world is beautiful and women have been the basis of the phenomenon of beauty for hundreds of years. You are the only one that cares if you're overweight or very thin, have cellulite on your legs or are they are too thin and have a thick or thin waist.

Most people see you at your best just as you see other people. You don't need to lose weight to be more beautiful as long as it doesn't affect your health. Having cellulite on your legs does not change the fact that you are attractive. Having a thin or thick waist is not a curse.

As Vesper, the women we are inspired by are the women we meet all day on the street, at work, at school, and on the road. So basically we are inspired by YOU! Every woman is beautiful, sexy, and elegant. The only thing you need to do to become more self-confident is to become aware of your own characteristics and your beauty.