Social Problems of Fast Fashion

Social Problems of Fast Fashion

It is one of the best business models in the world in terms of speed and product access, as in the name of fast fashion. However, the problems created by this speed should not be ignored.

Although fast fashion is a growing sector, there are many environmental and social problems it creates for our future when examined carefully. The fast-fashion method chosen by many companies because of the job opportunities it creates, according to the research conducted by UNEP, has shown that most female workers work in very difficult conditions in developing countries. According to Humans Right Watch, in many countries, these working conditions do not comply with human rights. At the same time, the chemicals used during production create health problems for the employees.

Even when viewed only from the health side, the understanding of fast fashion should be changed, developed, and rearranged. In our opinion, the slow fashion trend in the world needs to be supported more in order to change this order.

As Vesper, we only work with Italian tailors, inspect their working conditions and make sure that they do not employ child labor.

If you want this industry to change, you can show the importance you give to both the environment and human health by shopping from brands like us that support the slow fashion trend.