Spring Color Combinations in Fashion 2022 According to WGSN

Spring Color Combinations in Fashion 2022 According to WGSN

Even it is not easy to imagine a World after Covid, history proves that innovation prevails after times of crisis. We are going to see this effect in fashion. Even we can't %100 predict the direction fashion will take, trend foresters at WGSN can set the baseline for 2022 spring with Coloro.

Head of Color at WGSN, Jenny Clark states that " driven by a desire to be uplifted and energized while staying grounded and balanced. It will either ground or entice us with their delicious and textural charm." The key colors in 2022 spring according to WGSN is an electrifying pink, a yellowish orange, a calming blue, a plant-based green, and a creamy shade of butter.

"With prolonged periods of isolation, nature and its vitality will have a clear appeal, but technology will also be celebrated as connections through digital tools become a more necessary and valued part of everyday life," the official press release explains. "The new season's key colors reflect this duality, ranging from authentically organic hues to artificially enhanced tones."


According to Joanne Thomas, Head of Content in Coloro "Orchid flower has an intense, hyper-real and energizing quality that will stand out in both real life and digital settings. It's also versatile enough to work across seasons and continents. In a challenging time, this saturated magenta tone will be a great way to create a sense of positivity and escapism.". As Vesper, we predict that orchid flower color will be generally used in party-ready dresses or in swimsuits.


Olive Oil Color WGSN Spring 2022

WGSN and Coloro predict that a natural shade of olive oil will be a big trend. Its rich tone and color will dominate the professional environment and lingerie. Also, Olive Oil color is expected to be part of footwear and accessories.


Butter Color Wgns 2022 Spring

Electric Yellow of butter is also very rich in fashion. Ready-to-wear dresses will continue their trend in bright colors like yellow. Also, it is expected to see yellow pieces on all big brands.


Mango Sorbet 2022 WGSN Spring

Mango sorbet is the perfect shade for our times, bringing a much-needed dose of energy to seasonal palettes. As we crave optimism this color will be strong in fashion. If you are a fan of this color ready to see this color in activewear and swimwear.


Wgsn Artic Blue

Blue is always a reassuring color. It makes us calm and has had a place in fashion since the very start. In spring this trend will continue.