The History of Pyjama

The History of Pyjama

Pyjama as a word comes from Bengali, during the raj. The worldwide use of pyjama is a direct result of English presence in India. This presence enabled pyjamas to travel across East and West Europe. 

Pyjamas in early days recorded as "Uniforms" which transcended sex and being worn by both genders. After they were introduced to British, the trend slowly derivated from uniforms and become loungewear of men in about 1970s. They were worn underneath another item which confined home to society.

In 20th century, pyjamas remained as luxurius yet comfortable attires. The liberation of pyjamas started with woman "liberation". This liberation was also part of our pyjamas.  With pioneers in both fashion, and feminism making brave pyjama based statements. Coco Chanel a big designer and feminist was one of the biggest influences in modern fashion of pyjama. She wore them nearly everwhere and accesorized it with iconic pearls to create a elegant look.

As a result, pyajamas are designed to be comfortable and genderless clothing. British people helped it become a sensation while feminist designer around world help it become an iconic part of sleep and loungewear.


Vesper pyajamas are heavily influnced by the era started by feminist to make bold statements. Our set is designed after the idea of woman liberation.