Top 5 Movies to Watch When You Are Doing a Skin Care

Top 5 Movies to Watch When You Are Doing a Skin Care

These movies are gems if you are looking for a popcorn movie while doing skincare. These movies shows us some strong woman on their way to greatness. Watching these movies will also make you feel whole!

Million Dollar Baby

Million Dollar Baby is about a girl in the wind with every stereotype you can imagine. This movie will help us to realize that age is just a number. Keeping your spirit is everything and dreams are not bound by limits.

The Devil Wears Prada

The movie tells us about two powerful females. One is a household name in fashion while the other woman is an upcoming talent. You can pick a side in this story and you will not regret it. It also helps that the movie is very funny and the fashion game is on point. Also, the search for passion in this movie is a great spirit raiser.

An Education

This movie is about a starry-eyed teenager, Jenny Mellor. In the story, Jenny Mellor is wooed by a charming man who is twice her age. This movie reveals her in a position that could easily be in. The story of Jenny Mellor shows us that, it is okay to be lost while showing us that we will find a way in the end even we are wrong from time to time.


A badass bride, Rani goes honeymoon alone even most people think it is weird. Rani's story shows us that in the end, the only important thing is to stand for yourself. This movie also portrays a great uplifting and heartfelt story about family and friendship.

Little Miss Sunshine

Olivie is a small girl who might be the ideal confident girl. She is a fabulous chubby girl. Even Olive doubts it sometimes, she knows that there is no one like her. This movie helps us to realize that we are all unique and no one can be on par with our uniqueness.