What Does Techonlogy Offers Us in Fashion?

What Does Techonlogy Offers Us in Fashion?

As technology progresses, naturally, the fashion industry is also affected by this situation. Especially, with the increase of technology in our lives, many fashion brands have started to produce wearable technological products.

Technology not only offers visual design but also offers options to the fashion industry so that we can protect nature. In the future, it is expected that many fast-wear fashion brands will rate their product lines according to their sales figures.

The concepts of sustainability and ecology, which have become a more important area in our lives since 2020, are among the biggest problems that technology should solve in the long run.

Today, the biggest area that a fashion needs help with is waste fabrics, overproduction, and products that brands destroy by burning to protect their own names. As Vesper, we are a company that is completely against the concept of waste fabric. In our opinion, there is no waste fabric, there is fabric that cannot be utilized.We follow these technological developments closely to increase our sustainability.

Sustainability has a great impact on our preference for slow fashion and tailor-made products. At the same time, the purpose of bringing the fabrics, which are considered waste fabric, back to life is to protect ecology and ensure sustainability in our fashion journey. Since all of our products are sewn by a tailor, they are produced with the order we receive from you, so we prevent the fabrics that are considered as waste from turning into waste clothes again.