What is Ethical Fashion?

What is Ethical Fashion?

What is Ethical Fashion?

Ethical Fashion is a term to describe ethical design process and production. This term also covers a range of issues related to working conditions, exploitations, fair trade, sustainable production, environmental effects and animal welfare.

Why do we need Ethical Fashion?

We need ethical fashion because the environment is deteriorating and capitalism enables hard labor which sometimes includes children. This trend helps fashion brands to maintain their products to be environmentally friendly and offers its workers to work under ethical regulations.

Concerns of Ethical Fashion

  • Concerns have been raised about exploitative work conditions for cheap clothing productions.
  • Concerns related to child workers who can be subjected to violence and abuse. 
  • Concerns related to cramped and unhygienic surroundings, bad food, and very poor pay.
  • Many animals are farmed to supply fur for the fashion industry, and many people feel that their welfare is an important part of the Ethical Fashion debate.

Challanges of Ethical Fashion

Today, there are many obstacles to ethical fashion, the first of which is the desire of customers to make shopping fast. This situation pushes the employees to work in difficult hours in order to present the products of the brands quickly.


Future of Ethical Fashion

The future of ethical fashion depends on the awareness of its customers. Customers, who understand the damage of fast consumption to nature, realize the damage of fast shopping to nature and people. That's why they choose more environmentally friendly and ethical brands. In other words, the future of Ethical Fashion also brings sustainable fashion with it.

Vesper Boutique on Ethical Fashion

Sustainability and ethical production are at the forefront of Vesper's founding goals. That's why Vesper is a brand established against good working conditions and fashion waste created by the fashion industry. Apart from these purposes, we aim to prevent and support the dismissal of women, which has been increasingly noticed lately. As Vesper, we offer our customers to feel strong, and sexy with the right fashion production.