What is Fashion Waste and What can We Do Against it?

What is Fashion Waste and What can We Do Against it?

Fashion waste is a general name given to the waste created by the dressing industry, which is one of the largest industries in the world today. At the beginning of these wastes are fabrics, clothes and threads produced unnecessarily.

In order to understand why fashion waste is created, you must first understand the culture of fast fashion. Fast fashion culture is an understanding brought by industrialization and globalization. This understanding is especially used by chain stores. A brand with more than 50 stores around the world usually produces more than it can sell while producing. One of the reasons for this is the decrease in costs when the amount of product production increases, and the other is the constant change in the habits of the customers, called walking customers.

As we have mentioned in our previous articles, the carbon effect of fashion wastes on our world is enormous. It is known that in 2019, a few brands burned products worth around 20 million Euros in order not to change the status of their brands.

As Vesper, we are aware that fashion waste is a very serious threat to nature and the economy. That's why the production process of every product you buy from us starts after you make your purchase. Our products are not only mass-produced, but also sewn by tailors. At the same time, we make our fabric selections from "waste" fabrics.

As Vesper, every product you buy from us is both a support for the slow fashion trend and a step you can take against the waste culture.