What is Sustainable Fashion?

What is Sustainable Fashion?

What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion or Re-fashion is a process to foster change in fashion production and system. Sustainable fashion aims to create a system to help the environment for future generations. This system addresses the problems of clothing production. Currently, fast fashion enables fashion wasting. 

What is Fashion Waste?

Fashion waste is a by-product of fast fashion. The current clothing system forces brands to meet demands fast, which leads to creating more products than they can sell. Excess products and fabric become waste and unused.

This process causes manufacturers to over-produce fabric to meet the needs of vendors and to use chemicals for rapid production. The use of this chemical is quite harmful to nature. As can be understood, unconscious customer behaviors trigger both of these processes and cause irreversible damage to nature.

How to Achieve Sustainable Fashion?

Raising the awareness of consumers underlies access to sustainable fashion. The problem created by global warming today is obvious, sustainable fashion is needed to overcome this problem. Customers who are aware of environmental factors prefer sustainable and ethical brands to leave a better world for future generations. Another way to ensure this process is that brands should realize the damage their work does to the world instead of hyper-profit.


Vesper as Sustainable Fashion Brand

At Vesper, we believe in sustainability and ethical production. That's why we work with tailors while producing our products and start the processes after-sales. In this way, we do not create fashion waste. Another point we believe in is that every product should be produced by tailors, who are an invariable part of fashion culture. Machine-made products harm nature, so we have our products sewn by our tailors under ethical conditions.