What is the Purpose of Sustainable Fashion in 2021?

What is the Purpose of Sustainable Fashion in 2021?

Sustainable fashion is revolved around one idea. That idea is to create an ecologically responsible fashion industry. Followers of these trends strongly believe that this is achievable and will help us to create a better future. The application of sustainable fashion will help the world economy and ecology.

Even there are still doubts about this "Green Consumerism", more and more governments join in. In 2018, a big fashion company burned its finished products that were nearly worth around $37.8 Million Dollars. This exposed how deep the problem in the fashion industry goes. As Vesper, this is one of the reasons we are against fashion waste. We strongly believe that there is no fabric waste and all of this so-called waste can be used to produce something for good.

Even "Sustainable Fashion" sounds foolproof, there are still big challenges. For example, lots of companies still believe that selling their products for cheap will hamper their branding which leads them to create un-recyclable fashion waste. Also, there is another question for a lot of brands "Is becoming green an option?".

From the start, high fashion is designed to be elegant and most of the brands associate it with being unreachable. This ideology creates products that are overpriced and overstocked. This problem is even bigger in Fast-Fashion. Big stores around to world products millions of products that they know will not sell, then stock them as a surplus. After 2 or 3 seasons, these products become waste and burned.


As a result we all need to become aware that supporting right brands with a sustainable attitude is a better choice for the future.